Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver to all NR postcodes and IP1 to IP23

We hope to offer UK wide delivery in the near future.


When can I expect my delivery?

We deliver to your door (Tuesday -Friday) within 2 working days after the day you placed your order. We'll notify you on the morning of the delivery which will be between 8am-6pm depending on your location.

Sorry, we do not deliver during weekends, or on bank holidays. Orders placed on Thursday will be delivered on the following Monday (Tuesday if week contains a bank holiday Monday).

Order placed Order delivery
Monday Wednesday 
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday  Monday       (Tuesday if Monday is bank holiday)
Friday  Tuesday (Wednesday if Monday is bank holiday)
Saturday  Tuesday (Wednesday if Monday is bank holiday)
Sunday  Tuesday (Wednesday if Monday is bank holiday)


What are your measures to avoid the spread of Coronavirus?

We operate a contact-less delivery, our drivers will knock at the door and place your order on the step, you will not have to sign. Please unpack your goods, store then wash your hands afterwards.

What assurances can you give me that your food is safe?

It is a legal responsibility for us to produce safe food.

We are audited and approved by the Food Standards Agency.

Our Food Standards Agency approval number is UK1090

Where does the meat come from?

We try to buy local products whenever possible although will buy from further afield if needed. All of the British meats we offer have assured food standards be it Red Tractor or RSPCA Freedom Foods. Products that are organic or free range will say so in the product description.

How is the product made? 

We have full traceability on all the products that we sell, our own products are either made or processed onsite, 

Why is there a minimum spend?

This helps us to cover our delivery costs, so that we can deliver to you without charging extra.

Why have I received a different brand to the one in the picture?

Due to circumstances beyond our control we may need to substitute products for a different brand of equal quality.  


What if I want to return something or there is a problem with the order?

Please call 01986782241 between 8am and 2pm or leave a message with your details.

How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed?

Please call 01986782241 between 8am and 2pm or leave a message with your details.

Storage instructions.

Fresh items- keep refrigerated at 4°c or below, do not use after the use by date. cook thoroughly before consumption. 

Frozen Items- store in your freezer at -18° or below. Defrost items in the refrigerator, once defrosted use within 72 hours, cook thoroughly before consumption.

Where are you located?

Halesworth, Suffolk, but sorry we do not have a shop that you can visit.